Toddler Time

Weekday Ministries

The First United Methodist Church Weekday Ministries offers several opportunities

for our church to provide a safe and loving Christian environment that promotes play

and learning to toddlers and preschool children in our community and surrounding areas.


Toddler Time Program

Toddler Time is a new program.  This exciting opportunity will allow us to offer a program similar to the familiar Mommy’s Morning Out.  We will provide a safe and loving environment for toddlers ages 12 months (must be walking) to age 2.  This new program will offer age appropriate toys and activities that will encourage our little ones to learn, play, develop and grow.  We believe in promoting happy healthy homes in our community.  Toddler Time will do just that by allowing Mommy a much needed break too!

If you are interested, would like additional information or to participate in any of our Weekday Ministry programs please contact our church office.