Blessing Box

The Blessing Box on the front lawn of the Stone Patterson house has seen a lot of activity since it was installed. Thank you to everyone who has donated food to share with our neighbors. Please consider adopting the Blessing Box for a week. During your week, please purchase any of the suggested items (see below) and place those in the Blessing Box. You may fill the Blessing Box one time, or gradually add items throughout your week. Of course, everyone is still welcome to contribute often even when the Blessing Box is adopted. There will never be a shortage of need. Having individuals or families adopt the Blessing Box makes sure that it will be stocked on a regular basis. Please do not feel obligated to spend more than your budget allows. Any contribution to the Blessing Box makes a difference. Tank you for all the donations and thanks to Folger Boaz for creating a great pathway for us to serve the less fortunate in our community.

Suggested Food Items:
Black beans
Baked beans
Individual cups of oatmeal, cereal
Individual cups of pudding
Individually wrapped snacks (protein bars, granola bars, nabs, fruit chews, etc.)
Canned vegetables and fruits (applesauce, mixed fruit)
Rolls of crackers
Small jars of peanut butter
Canned chicken
Instant mashed potatoes
Powdered milk
Pasta and spaghetti sauce
Macaroni and cheese
Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Bars of soap
Bottled water