Bible Study

Fall 2020 Bible Studies

First UMC is offering three opportunities for Adult Bible Study and Spiritual Growth.

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What can a prophet in the Old Testament tell us about living in 2020?  You might be surprised that Jews in 520 B.C. struggled with some of the same issues that we struggle with today.  Join us for a 4-week study on Zechariah.

This study will be led by Casey Shaw starting October 4 at 7:00.  Each session will be on Zoom. 

Free of Me

Why Life Is Better When It’s Not About You
By Sharon Hodde Miller

Our me-centered culture affects every area of our lives–our friendships, our marriages, even our faith. The self-focused life robs our joy, shrinks our souls, and is the reason we never quite break free of insecurity.
We can heed the call to a bigger, Jesus-centered vision of life–one that restores our freedom and inspires us to live for more. Free of Me helps participants:

– identify the secret source of insecurity
– understand how self-focus sabotages seven areas of our lives
– learn four practical steps for focusing on God and others
– experience freedom from the burden of self-focus

Anyone yearning for a purpose bigger than “project me” will cherish this paradigm-shifting message of true fulfillment.

This study will be led by Melissa Smith on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM starting on October 7.  The study will meet for 5 sessions by Zoom.

Reckless Love

Jesus’ Call to Love Our Neighbor
By Tom Berlin

Love God more deeply by learning to love your neighbor better.

Maybe we have it a little backward. As Christians, we strive to follow Jesus’ teaching to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength which, in turn, we hope will help us better love our family, friends, and leaders…our neighbors. But what if we turned that around and put the emphasis on loving our family, friends, leaders, and, yes, our neighbors? Might we then find that becoming a better neighbor leads us into the deep and loving relationship we’re striving to have with God? In Reckless Love, you will consider how to follow the Greatest Commandment and learn how your love for the people around you can completely renew your faith and give you a new experience of loving God.

This study will be led by Allison Salle on Wednesdays at 12:15 PM starting on October 7.  The study will meet for 6 sessions by Zoom.

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